• heating systems 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Heating Systems

      We provide and service high-efficiency underfloor heating systems.

    • cooling systems 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Cooling Systems

      We are a well-respected provider of cooling systems, while we serve both commercial and residential clients.

    • wagner solar 1 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Solar Thermal

      We offer an extensive range of quality solar thermal systems. Solar energy is carbon neutral, free of charge and available to a practically unlimited extend in Cyprus.

    • swimming pools 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Swimming Pools

      High quality swimming pool solar filtration pumps for use in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas

    • plumbing 390x260 - OUR SERVICES


      PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes for plumbing installations.

    • solar pumps 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Solar Pumps

      We supply independent solar powered pumping systems, designed to meet your exact requirements.

    • photovoltaic 390x260 - OUR SERVICES


      We provide reliable photovoltaic systems to cover your needs, suitable for domestic and large industrial use.

    • geothermy 390x260 - OUR SERVICES


      Geothermal energy is that is an eco-friendly, renewable energy source that can reduce your utility costs.

    • photovoltaic parks featured image edit 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Photovoltaic Parks

      We offer a variety of high-tech solar array arrangements, from fixed arrays to sensor-controlled tracking systems.

    • ventilation featured image edit 390x260 - OUR SERVICES


      High-quality spot ventilation systems of all types.

    • fire protection featured image edit 390x260 - OUR SERVICES

      Fire Protection Systems

      We offer a complete fire protection package. Our system quickly detects fire events, notifies occupants and effectively extinguishes the fire.

    • drainage featured image edit 390x260 - OUR SERVICES


      Cost-effective PVC drain solutions with superior chemical and corrosion resistance.

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