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fotovoltaikes antlies - Photovoltaic


REC Photovoltaic Systems

Why GO solar?

The sun is a clean, renewable source of energy.

With rising electricity prices, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources are becoming an increasingly valuable and necessary part of the world’s energy mix.

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Good investment: Buying a solar system makes financial sense with a short payback time and good return on investment in countries that provide feed-in tariff or tax-credits and other incentives.

Reliable: Solar modules are easy to install, require little maintenance and come with a 25-year warranty.

Energy independence: Electricity is produced where it is consumed.

Environmentally friendly: People want to preserve the earth’s resources and reduce pollution; buying a solar system contributes to protecting the environment.

Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world. It’s more affordable, more efficient, and more reliable than ever.

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DEGERenergie Solar Tracking Systems

DEGERenergie is a market leader in solar, sensor-controlled tracking systems. As a future‑oriented, internationally active company, they focus on developing their own ideas and implementing them in practical solutions.

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DEGERtraker/TOPtraker®, the complete tracking systems

1. Experience leads to progression – proven in practice since 1999
2. Maximum additional yields – DEGERtraker up to 45%, TOPtraker up to 30% more than fixed systems
3. Also suitable for desert and equatorial regions
4. Minimal own consumption – well-engineered mechanics make it possible to use cost-effective mini DC motors
5. Short assembly times
6. TÜV tested and certified
7. Robust: Most grueling stress tests of the Stuttgart Materials Testing Institute (MAP)
8. Flexible assembly system – suitable for all standard module and inverter types
9. Minimum maintenance outlay
10. Extremely long life span
11. 99.9% recyclable due to an aluminum and steel construction
12. Impressive value for money and quick amortization

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With over 15 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


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