Photovoltaic System has gained relevance with people shifting to natural and renewable sources of energy! Realizing the catastrophic threats from our changing environments, people have started swapping to eco-friendly energy resources from conventional means. We offer installation services of photovoltaics in Paphos.

All thanks to the mature technology of the photovoltaic system, we can now use the unlimited potential of solar power to meet our daily needs. In our attempt to provide you with superior quality photovoltaic systems at a reasonable cost, we have collaborated with the world-class leaders of photovoltaic systems to cater for you simply the best.

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Photovolatic system installed in Paphos (Mesa Chorio) – See some of our projects here


What you should know about photovoltaics in Paphos

Photovoltaic systems produce electricity by absorbing sunlight; a converter installed in a photovoltaic system converts the sunlight into energy. Each photovoltaic system is comprised of various solar panels. The current can then be used to power electrical devices. PV systems come in a variety of sizes, from small systems that power a few lights to large systems that can provide power for an entire home or business. Moreover, PV systems can also be used to generate electricity for the grid, which helps to offset the use of fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

An increasing number of home and business owners in Cyprus showed a great interest in photovoltaic systems due to the fact that the Mediterranean island has over 300 sunny days a year, meaning they can benefit from the abundance of solar energy in Cyprus.


Photovoltaic system modules explained

Let’s go over the most important module of a photovoltaic system:


  1. Solar energy is directly converted into electricity by the solar module. The panels are made of solar cells. Typically, mechanical assembly is done by robot machines.
  2. In crystalline photovoltaic solar cells, a layer of semiconductor substance is present.
  3. Silicon is the most popular of these. This might be blue or black in colour. Their sizes range from 4 to 6 inches.
  4. The standard configuration for all photovoltaic cells is thin, flat layers. They are then linked to one another.


Photovoltaic system maintenance

PV systems require very little maintenance, and most components have a lifespan of 25 years or more. So, the main types of maintenance that are needed are cleaning the solar panels and inspecting the system for damage. In Cyprus, either dust or bird droppings are the main concerns, reducing the effectiveness of the panels. Cleaning is typically only needed every few months and can be done with a hose. So, inspections should be done annually by a qualified PV installer or electrician.


What’s needed for photovoltaic system installation in Cyprus?

The required net area is roughly 25m2 to 80m2 for the installation of a photovoltaic system in Cyprus with a 3kWp to 10kWp capacity on a pitched roof. On the other hand, the system needs between 45 and 150 square meters to be installed on a flat roof.

Due to Cyprus’s geographical location, the photovoltaics in Paphos’ ideal orientation and inclination are south and 28°–30°, respectively, for the highest energy yield. Thus, any variation from these specifications will have a detrimental impact on the system’s generation and prevent it from performing at its best.


Advantages of installing a photovoltaic system

Here are the advantages of investing in a photovoltaic system in Cyprus.


Spend less on electricity 

Installing a PV system is an investment that will pay for itself over time. Installing a photovoltaics in Paphos will make you save money on your energy bill over time. You may also be eligible for tax credits and other incentives.


Renewable energy 

Solar panels don’t produce air pollution or greenhouse gases, so they help to keep our air clean. And because they use renewable energy, they help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.


Safe way to generate energy

Generating electricity from the sun is one of the safest ways to power your home. Unlike other ways of producing electricity including nuclear power, harnessing solar energy doesn’t involve activities that put producers’ health at risk. 


About DEGERenergie Solar Tracking Systems

DEGERenergie is a market leader in solar, sensor-controlled tracking systems. As a future‑oriented, internationally active company, they focus on developing their own ideas and implementing them in practical solutions.


Why DEGERtraker / TOPtraker® ?

  1. Experience leads to progression – proven in practice since 1999
  2. Maximum additional yields – DEGERtraker up to 45%, TOPtraker up to 30% more than fixed systems
  3. Also suitable for desert and equatorial regions
  4. Minimal own consumption – well-engineered mechanics make it possible to use cost-effective mini DC motors
  5. Short assembly times
  6. TÜV tested and certified
  7. Robust: Most gruelling stress tests of the Stuttgart Materials Testing Institute (MAP)
  8. Flexible assembly system – suitable for all standard module and inverter types
  9. Minimum maintenance outlay
  10. Extremely long lifespan
  11. 99.9% recyclable due to an aluminium and steel construction
  12. Value for money with quick amortization


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