We must be a little more deliberate in our decision-making if we want to enjoy the security and comfort that our central heating system provides throughout the chilly months. Today, it is crucial to consider its environmental effects in addition to the quality and price options as a necessary precaution. Polis has chilly winters even though its summers are usually oppressively hot due to the city’s high levels of humidity. We offer services for floor heating in Polis Chrysochous.

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Example of a floor heating system – Source: Wikipedia


Important details with floor heating

Underfloor heating, a kind of central heating, uses conduction, radiation, and convection to produce a cosy indoor atmosphere. Underfloor heating has several benefits over conventional radiator systems, including ease of use, low cost, and customization.


This is how thermal heating functions

A floor heating system warms a room by heating the floor, which then rises and radiates heat throughout the room, as opposed to other techniques that warm the air in a room. We can help you by providing services for floor heating in Polis Chrysochous.


Electric floor heating

Each room’s flooring has electric heating cables that keep your home consistently cosy as well as energy-efficient. After installation, the wires don’t need to be maintained, allowing you to keep your house warm while spending less on gas and energy.


What comes along with our central floor heating system

  1. Comfort − Even circulation of heat provides a high level of comfort.
  2. Economy − reduced demand for boilers and no wasted heat at ceiling height saves costs.
  3. Cost−efficiency − Reduced on−site maintenance − servicing of boilers and pumps only.
  4. Flexibility − Unrestricted wall surfaces in both old and new buildings.


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