Photovoltaic systems have gained importance as people have switched to using renewable and natural sources of energy. As people become more conscious of the serious risks posed by our changing ecosystems. They have started converting from conventional energy sources to ecologically friendly ones. We offer installation services for photovoltaics in Geroskipou.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the photovoltaic system, we can now take advantage of solar energy’s boundless potential to meet our needs on a daily basis. In an effort to provide you with the best photovoltaic systems at a price you can afford, we have worked with the world’s leading solar system manufacturers.

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Photovolatic system installed in Paphos (Mesa Chorio) – See some of our projects here


Upkeep of your photovoltaics in Geroskipou

PV systems don’t need much maintenance, and the majority of their parts last for 25 years or longer. Cleaning the solar panels and checking the system for damage are the two primary sorts of maintenance that are required. For your photovoltaics in Geroskipou, the main issues are either dust or bird droppings, which diminish the efficiency of the panels. Typically, cleaning is only required every few months, and a hose can be used to accomplish this. An experienced PV installation or electrician should conduct inspections once a year.


Cost of installation

They can be pricey to install, and their high initial cost might prevent them from being widely used. However, as was previously noted, it’s a long-term investment that pays off, enabling you to pay much less for energy.


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