Swimming pools can be an exciting addition to a house! Who wouldn’t want to have a private pool in the backyard to indulge in a refreshing retreat? Or perhaps for the commercial premises which will hugely impact the ambience of a place. Whatever might be the case, constructing a swimming pool requires a lot of resources that are difficult to find in one place! At Green Air, we take on projects of installing swimming pool heat exchangers in Paphos.

Apart from it, the choice of the swimming pool can be a nonplussing task for it comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and types. Round, oval, square, rectangular, free-form designs and whatnot! Some can be as small as a backyard wading pool, while others can be as large as a commercial water park.

The materials used in their construction include vinyl, steel, aluminium, concrete, shotcrete, gunite, fibreglass, and variations abound in each category.


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Installation of our swimming pool heat exchanger in Paphos – Discover more projects here


How does a swimming pool heat exchanger work?

In a swimming pool heat exchanger, water from the pool is circulated through a series of coils made of copper or another metal. As the water passes through the coils, heat is transferred from the water to the metal. The metal then transfers the heat to the water circulating through the return lines, providing a steady supply of warm water for the pool. Heat exchangers are an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a swimming pool, and they can also be used to cool the pool water in warm weather.

Heating a swimming pool effectively requires a high-quality swimming pool heat exchanger. 


What to look for in a new swimming pool heat exchanger in Paphos?

Here are a couple of factors to consider before purchasing a swimming pool heat exchanger in Paphos.


Life Span

Who wants to regularly spend money on new swimming pool heat exchangers? Installing one that has a reputation for lasting years will save you money in the long run. A key indication for pool heat exchangers that last long is the width of their channels; the wider the better as hard water scales can’t build up easily inside the heat exchanger.



Nobody enjoys more maintenance. Verify that a large flow rate can pass through the heat exchanger. Your heat exchanger will require very little maintenance and will naturally be self-cleaning if the flow rate is high.


Resistant to corrosion

When water and metal come into contact with each other, they can start to corrode, or rust. Over time, this can damage the heat exchanger and make it less effective. To avoid this, look for a heat exchanger that is made from materials that are resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel. 


Flow rate 

A higher flow rate will increase the exchanger’s capacity to transfer heat, but it also entails a higher mass, which may make it harder to remove energy while also increasing velocity and pressure loss.


Temperature differential

In a heat exchanger, the distinction between the hot fluid and the coolant is crucial. Always maintain a cooler fluid temperature than the hot fluid. More heat will be removed from the hot fluid when the coolant temperature is lower than when it is higher.


Easy Installation

When choosing a heat exchanger, it is important to find one that is easy to install. The best possible way to install your heater is by following each manufacturer’s guidelines.


Solar Pool Pumps

Our swimming pool pumps have been designed for residential, and commercial pools and spas. In most of the pool applications, the filtration needs can directly be met by solar panels itself which not only is a great saving on account of electricity bills but greatly contributes to the environment as well. Providing you with widely available eco-friendly and energy-efficient resources is what we are aiming to make the planet earth a better place to live.


What do we do with regard to a swimming pool?

We are thorough professionals whether it comes to technical know-how, an extensive range of products, or services. Ensuring great customer service and catering to the specific needs of our customers has always been our earnest endeavour.

We have been invariably excelling at providing our customers with integral swimming pool accessories out of which is the solar pumps. We get you top-quality solar pumps at the most reasonable prices.



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