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The comfort and shield we get from our central heating system in the chilled weather require a little precision in our decision-making. Apart from the quality and budget variant, it has now become important these days to go through its environmental implications as a needful precaution. We offer services for floor heating in Paphos.

We being a supplier of renewable energy systems have an ingrained ambition and aspiration to promote eco-friendly energy appliances. Regardless of what purpose it is intended for, our aim is to provide you with the best sources of energy in terms of performance, cost and service.

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What you need to know about floor heating  systems

Underfloor heating is a form of central heating which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation and convection.

Practical, cost−effective and flexible, underfloor heating is increasingly becoming the preferred choice over traditional radiator systems.


How does thermal heating work? 

Unlike other methods that heat the air in a room, a floor heating system warms up space by using thermal radiation to heat the floor and then it rises dispersing throughout the room.


Electric floor heating system

Electric heating wires are installed under a room’s floor, making your house consistently warm and energy-efficient. At Green Air, we complete the electric floor heating installation within a couple of days, and the wires don’t need any maintenance – once they are installed you can enjoy comfort at your home by keeping warm and saving on electricity and gas bills. 


Where to install your floor heating system? 

Installing a floor heating system in the rooms that you mostly use can prove to be an energy-efficient way to keep your house warm. Let’s go over all the different rooms.


Normally, kitchens are some of the most used rooms in anyone’s house; they are often colder than other rooms, especially if they have tile flooring. Putting a flooring system in place enables you to warm one of the most used yet coldest rooms in your house. 



Generally, bathrooms are tile-floored, humid and colder during winter. It’s wise to install a heating flooring system that will keep your bathroom warm while you’re having a shower or bath. 



There’s no such thing as a high quality of sleep that makes the whole difference to your overall health and well-being. Installing a thermal insulation with underfloor heating will turn your bedroom into a constantly warm room improving the quality of your night’s sleep.


Home offices

If you work from home, you probably spend a third of your day in your home office room, you want nothing but a warm room to enable get on with your work. Putting a underfloor heating system in place will be key to becoming more productive during the day.



Advantages of underfloor systems

Here are eight advantages of installing an underfloor heating system in your house to waste less energy and spend less on electricity bills.



As mentioned above, underfloor heating warms up the floor and then the heat passes on to other objects in the room; this is a more efficient way to heat a space in your house than warming up the air of the room. As a result, you spend less on electricity and energy bills.


It doesn’t disrupt aesthetics

Unlike other systems, underfloor heating systems are invisible and they don’t disrupt the aesthetics. So you don’t have to worry about the colour of the hardware to match it with each room’s furniture. 


Maintenance Free

After installing your heating floor, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and maintenance fees. Once your system is installed you’ll be enjoying the warmth and comfort in your house.


Compatible with all kinds of flooring 

Whether the material of your floor is wood, stone, time, laminate or carpet you’re able to fit in a heating floor system keeping your house warm all the time. 


Fairly easy to install

Any time flooring is being installed, electric-powered radiant floor heating systems are simple to install. Both pros and do-it-yourselfers have options.


Quality of air 

When it comes to air quality, radiant heat is a far better option. High temperatures from radiators may result in lower oxygen levels. Additionally, dust circulates in circles due to air rising and falling, which is bad for the quality of the air. Radiant flooring, on the other hand, keeps the air clean and doesn’t promote the movement of dirt or trash.


Main downside of installing a heating floor system

Installing a flooring system means that you need to replace your current floor. Many go ahead with the heating floor installation when they buy their house before having their floor done or when doing it up. 

Typically, a self-levelling compound must be used on top of your floor heating system. This compound must be completely dried before you can install the floor covering. The drying process takes a day or two. (If a water-based system is what you’re considering, installation time is a little bit longer.)

The project may be finished in one day thanks to the DCM-PRO system, which is “ready to tile.” The FOIL system may be installed and used the same day because no thin-set nor leveller is needed.


What comes along with our central floor heating system

  1. Comfort − Even circulation of heat provides a high level of comfort.
  2. Economy − reduced demand for boilers and no wasted heat at ceiling height saves costs.
  3. Cost−efficiency − Reduced on−site maintenance − servicing of boilers and pumps only.
  4. Flexibility − Unrestricted wall surfaces in both old and new buildings.


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