Considering that Geroskipou, Cyprus experiences more than 300 days of sunshine annually, purchasing solar panels will be a wise investment that will soon pay off. We take on projects about the installation of solar panels in Geroskipou.

You have two possibilities because solar panels may be installed on almost any type of roof, regardless of the roof’s material. In Geroskipou, almost every house has enough roof space for solar panels. They frequently meet all of a home’s power needs. Net metering systems also reimburse property owners and company owners for the excess electricity they consume.

Photovoltaic cells are used to make solar panels. These panels gather solar energy and store it as direct current (DC) energy. A converter then transforms DC energy into AC energy, or electricity, for use in regular chores like lighting homes and streets. We can help with the installation of solar panels in Geroskipou.

Since dark colours normally absorb more light, which results in panels producing more power, they are frequently black or dark blue.

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One of our solar panels installation in private apartments in Paphos – See more projects here


What’s required for solar panel installations for homes?

Anyone who has lived in Geroskipou for at least six consecutive months and is listed as a homeowner in the tariff code is eligible to apply for a domestic solar panel project.

The net metering contract between a household and the EAC is typically for 15 years. However, it may be extended in compliance with the laws in effect at the time.

Any excess electricity that results from the reconciliation of the photovoltaic system’s output with the home’s consumption. It will be retroactively credited toward the storage heater’s electricity usage that took place during the 12-month netting period (February or March bill).


What’s required for non-residential projects of solar panels in Geroskipou? 

A non-residential solar panel project is open to Geroskipou residents. And the applicant may choose to have the panels installed on the ground or on the top of their buildings. The residents must not have used another government grant program to install any other PV systems. The agreement between the producer and EAC is for ten years.

Non-residential PV system applications should be covered by commercial or industrial rates rather than medium voltage pricing. Prior to application, consumers listed under any other tariff codes must be moved to one of these codes.


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