Arguing over how important it is for a structure to have a reliable fire protection system is utterly meaningless. An efficient system is just as important as any other raw material for a building to stand tall. We offer services for fire protection in Polis Chrysochous.

A catastrophic fire can entirely demolish a building, but an efficient protection system can significantly lessen the harm caused by an unintentional fire. All buildings must therefore have sufficient fire prevention systems, but notably, those utilized for public purposes.

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How is the prevention of fires carried out?

Fire protection, which is essential, makes it possible to manage and control flames. It also helps to stop the loss of life and property as a result of a fire. It includes prevention, detection, suppression, and escape. For preventing the loss of both property and persons due to fire, each of these elements is essential. Additionally, ire prevention includes taking measures to lower the risk of fire in residences and commercial buildings. In order to detect fire, smoke alarms in residential and commercial buildings must be functional. Fire suppression includes using fire extinguishers to put out small fires.


Our fire defense system has a number of components, including:

  • Fire detection
  • Fire alarms and notification systems
  • Systems of fire suppression 

Our smoke detection systems go beyond the tiny gadget that just detects smoke and activates the alarm. So, they are sophisticated smoke detectors that can distinguish between various alarm levels. Our alarm systems notify emergency personnel and the occupants of the building in the case of a fire (police and fire). Our sprinkler fire suppression system produces a lot of heat, which might put out a fire nearby very quickly.

In order to efficiently detect, contain, control, and/or extinguish a fire in its early phases, we ensure that all of our fire-protection systems are coordinated with one another.


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