Peyia is an area situated on steep hills where winter can be cold. Having air conditioning in Peyia installed in your home allows you to keep warm in winter and enjoy your summer regardless of how hot it gets.

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Installation of an air conditioning in Peyia


Air conditioning solutions

The presence of air conditioning systems makes it possible to live comfortably and make the most of your picturesque location in Peyia.

As one of the top air conditioning installers in Paphos and all of Cyprus, Green Air has worked with over 500 residences and business owners, developing a strong experience along the way in installing air conditioning systems.


Air conditioning in Peyia

We provide the following  services in the Peyia area:

  • Installation 
  • Maintenance 
  • Repair

Every project begins with us determining your precise needs and developing workable solutions to meet them. We work on residential and commercial projects.



Because the summers in Cyprus are long and very hot, air conditioning is a need for comfort inside the home.



The last thing you need in the summer is to be sweating buckets if your business is located in Peyia. You can be productive without worry during workdays if your air conditioner is operating at its peak. You can concentrate on your chores and work.


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