A variety of alternative methods may be used in your home to provide hot and cold water. Your cold water supply might come from a number of sources, including a main line from the city, a water tank on the roof of your structure, or well water that has been pumped up from the ground. There are several ways to deliver hot water throughout your home. Your water heater may be a tank-style, tank-less, or boiler system, which heats and supplies hot water to each apartment in your building using a single, big tank. We provide services of cold and hot water in Peyia.

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What does it mean to have a supply of both hot and cold water?

The common phrase for the plumbing components in our homes that carry water for drinking and washing is “cold and hot water supply.” Through the network of pipes that make up the cold water distribution system, our faucets receive water from the source, which is frequently the municipal water main. The hot water distribution system consists of the same network of pipes as well as a water heater. When used in tandem, these two systems provide us with the clean water we require for drinking and personal hygiene. Many homes have separate systems for supplying cold and hot water, though this is not always the case.


We use PEX

Polyethylene cross-linked is referred to as PEX. “Cross-linking” describes the process of joining polyethylene molecules together to form bridges. PEX is a better material for hot water and other applications because it is more resistant to creep deformation, temperature changes, and chemical attacks. Our company only employs PEX pipes in cold- and hot-water applications.


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