Do you think your drainage system may be blocked? When we develop long-lasting fixes for your drainage and sewage infrastructure, put your concerns to rest. We provide installations of drainage and sewage in Peyia.

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Since PVC is lightweight, flexible, and has great corrosion and chemical resistance, we use it for all of the fixations. The smooth interior surface of PVC pipes offers great flow characteristics as well.

When toughness, dimensional stability, resistance to aging, and strong tight joints are required for sewage, surface water, and industrial waste drainage outside of building limitations, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sewer and drain pipe is a suitable option.

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What does drainage of the ground entail?

An underground drainage system, which is made up of pipes and other parts, is used to evacuate water from buildings and other structures. Your system of drainage and sewage in Peyia should give you peace of mind avoiding any plumb issues.

Sewer networks, which transport wastewater from houses and businesses to treatment facilities, are the most prevalent type of subsurface drainage. Contrarily, subsurface drainage can also be utilized to collect stormwater prior to its discharge into a lake or similar natural body of water. Catch basins, manholes, and drainage basins are frequently a part of subsurface drainage systems together with pipelines.


What does it mean to “invert level”?

The lowest point of a conduit, sewer, or other drainage system is referred to as the invert level. In construction designs, it is typically denoted by “I.L.” The slope of the pipe is calculated using the invert level. Calculating how much water can flow through the pipe is another use for it. Transit or a laser level can be used to determine the invert level.


These elements aid in gathering water and directing it away from structures, reducing flooding and guarding against water damage.

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