Your home may receive hot and cold water in a number of different ways. A main line from the city, a water tank from the roof of your building, and well water pumped up from the earth are a few of the several ways to get your cold water supply. There are various ways to pump hot water around your house. You may have a tank-style or tank-less water heater, or you may be using a boiler system, in which a single enormous tank is heated and filled with hot water to serve each apartment in your building. Regardless of your situation, we provide cold and hot water supply systems in Paphos.

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What is a cold and hot water supply?

The term “cold and hot water supply” simply refers to the systems that provide water for both drinking and washing purposes in our homes. The cold water supply system consists of a network of pipes transporting water from the source (usually a municipal water main) to our taps. The hot water supply system consists of a similar network of pipes, but also includes a water heater. Together, these two systems provide us with the clean water we need for both drinking and hygiene. In many homes, the cold and hot water supply systems are separate, but in some cases, they may be combined. Either way, these essential systems make it possible for us to enjoy clean water on demand.


Key parts of a cold  and hot water supply system

A typical home’s cold and hot water system has several components. The water heater is where the hot water is generated. Cold water enters the bottom of the heater, and as it is heated, it rises to the top. A pipe then carries the hot water to all of the fixtures in the house that require hot water.

The cold water supply also has a few components. The main water line brings cold water into the house from the street. A series of smaller pipes then distribute the cold water to all of the fixtures in the house that require it. In order to keep the cold water from mixing with the hot water, there is a device called a backflow preventer that is installed in the piping system. This device only allows water to flow in one direction and ensures that contaminated water cannot enter the drinking water supply.


Is there a separate pipe for hot and cold water?

Most homes have a plumbing system that includes two different types of pipes: those that carry hot water and those that carry cold water. The pipes that carry hot water are usually located closest to the water heater, while the pipes that carry cold water are located furthest away. This arrangement ensures that the hot water will reach its destination quickly, while the cold water will have a chance to cool down before it reaches the taps.


Pressure Pumps

Our company uses GRUNDFOS pumps, a Danish manufacturer of a wide range of centrifugal pumps and systems for water applications.

These pumps are the perfect replacement option to optimize efficiency in domestic systems. They are fitted with the most modern motor technology and are designed to meet the efficiency demands of the 2015 EuP directive.


We Use Only PEX

PEX is cross-linked polyethylene. Through one of several processes, links between polyethylene molecules are formed to create bridges (thus the term “cross-linked). This resulting material is more durable under temperature extremes, and chemical attacks and better resists creep deformation, making PEX an excellent material for hot water and other applications. Our company uses only PEX pipes for cold and hot water applications.


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