Did you know that almost 27,000 households have solar panels installed on their roofs? Cyprus is one of the best places to tap into solar energy and install solar panels that will benefit your finances, paying less for electricity. You can’t find a better place than Cyprus for installing solar panels on your business or home and reap the benefits of solar energy. At Green Air, we take on any installation of solar panels in Paphos area.


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What is exactly solar energy?

Let’s face it, global warming has urged all of us to look for alternatives to generating electricity, and particularly many have turned to renewable sources including solar energy. In fact, solar energy is the most popular ‘green’ source.

You can either place solar panels on the roof and they can be placed on almost any type of roof, regardless of the roof material. Almost every house has enough roof space for solar panel installation that typically covers the electricity needs of a house in full. Plus, net metering programs pay to house and business owners for their excessive amount of electricity.

Photovoltaic cells are used to manufacture solar panels that absorb solar energy and store it as Direct Current (DC) energy which a converter turns into Alternate energy (AC) which is electricity for any common use including lighting a house and lighting streets.

They are usually black or dark blue because in general dark colours absorb more sunlight, hence panels generate more electricity. 


The Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Let’s go over the pros and cons of solar energy to help you make up your mind about whether to invest in them or not.



Spend less on electricity bills

Installing solar panels is a wise investment that pays off in the long term. By installing them they will make an immediate impact on your electricity bill, reducing it to up to half of it and by signing a net-metering program you can start generating money. On average, the investment pays off within 1.5 to 5 years depending on the net-metering program you enter and the price per kilowatt your receive. 


Reduce your carbon footprint

Installing panels does make a difference to the environment. Householders and business owners are becoming more aware of green energy and particularly solar energy are renewable without damaging the planet. 


Technological Advancements

Since the start of solar panel installations new cutting-edge technology has developed to manufacture solar panels that absorb solar energy more effectively and produce more energy. The future of solar energy looks promising as new technological advancements come about that are going to make harnessing solar energy easier and more effective. You can have solar panels that perform better in the future. 


Adaptable to different requirements

The good news is that you can adapt the PV panels the way that works for your house. Regardless of the size of your roof or the place where a field you possess is, Green Air can help you install your panels and harness solar energy for your home needs and more. 


Various Uses 

Solar panels have a range of uses, from commercial to residential to heating water. Plus, you can register with a net-metering program and earn money. All done by simply investing in solar panels in Paphos. 



Initial Cost

The initial investment costs seem to off-put many, but installing solar panels is a long-term investment that is going to pay off for the years to come. You can also apply for subsidy programs that can reduce this cost significantly. 


Depended on Weather

Solar panels absorb solar energy only on sunny days when most of the day sun shines. This means that they don’t produce almost any electricity on cloudy and rainy days. Fortunately, Cyprus is blessed with over 300 sunny days a year, so this isn’t something to worry about. Also, companies have come up with new technology to store energy and use it on unproductive days in recent years.


What are the requirements for residential solar panel projects in Paphos? 

Any homeowner who has been living in Cyprus for at least six consecutive months and who are listed in the tariff code can apply for a household solar panel project.

The net-metering contract between a homeowner and the EAC typically lasts 15 years and it is extended in accordance with the pertinent laws in effect at the time.

If the applicants formally state that they want to include the electrical consumption of storage heaters in the reconciliation of energy consumption, net metering may also take into account the electrical consumption of storage heaters that run within the residence under the current tariffs.

Any excess electricity that results from the reconciliation of the photovoltaic system’s output with the house’s consumption at the end of the 12-month netting period (February or March bill) will be retroactively applied toward the storage heater’s electricity usage that took place during that time.


What are the requirements for non-residential solar panel projects? 

Residents of Cyprus who haven’t installed any other PV systems with any other Government Grant Scheme are entitled to apply for a non-residential solar panel project, and the panels can be installed either on the roof of the applicant’s premises or on the ground. The contract between the producer and the EAC lasts 10 years. 

Non-residential PV system applicants should be listed in the commercial or industrial tariffs rather than the medium voltage tariffs. Before applying, consumers who are listed in any other tariff codes must be moved to one of these codes.


How long do solar panels last? 

On average, if you maintain them in a good condition, solar panels last up to 25 years while the inverter usually lasts 10 years and it will need replacement. In the same vein, the battery can last between 5 to 10 years depending on maintenance. 


What you should consider before installing solar panels in Paphos

Before starting with your solar panel project, it is vital to estimate the solar panel size you need, the annual electricity consumption of your premise and the amount of electricity that is going to be generated by harnessing solar energy. Simulation programs are going to be used to help you get a clear idea of the size of your PV system. Having installed a larger or smaller PV system than your premise can support is going to be counterproductive, without you saving money on electricity bills.

A single-phase PV system can be placed in buildings with single-phase electric power. A single-phase PV system or a three-phase PV system can be installed for buildings with three-phase electric power.


What sort of maintenance do my solar panels need? 

The maintenance needed for solar panels is minimum and sporadic, but it’s wise to do it. You need to do a light cleaning of the solar panel surfaces to ensure dust doesn’t prevent your solar panels from absorbing sunlight and underperforming. 

It’s key to seek advice from the company you’ve hired to install your solar panels in Paphos to guide you on how to maintain panels in excellent condition. Many hire a cleaning company to do professional work.


What is the procedure for approval and operation of the PV system in Cyprus?

At Green Air, we undertake this task by applying for your project of installing solar panels in Paphos area. Applicants will need to pay the application fee. The net metering agreement is signed after receiving DSO approval. Within three months of receiving the DSO’s permission, the applicants must complete the installation, inspection, and connection of the PV system.


What’s the average cost of a photovoltaic system in Cyprus? 

The average price of installing solar panels has dramatically dropped over the last decade to almost 90%, allowing more people to afford such an investment. In Cyprus, it is estimated that it takes about 1.5 to 4 for the investment to pay off.  The final price heavily depends on the specifications of your project and your needs.  


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