Our company prides itself in offering the best possible service to its clients from planning all through to delivery.


We specialize in the field of mechanical installations offering a unique advantage over our competitors.


Our technicians are highly trained to carry out all the necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure a high safety level.


Green Air Ltd, specializes in the area of engineering applications while providing renewable energy systems and incorporating energy saving techniques.

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  • Payback on investment in a very short time
  • Cut down your electricity bills by up to €1750/year
  • 15 years warranty on the inverter
  • 25 years warranty on the panels
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Our company undertakes projects of varied size and value, serving both commercial and residential clients throughout Cyprus. From system design to implementation, we can design, build and service mechanical systems of any type or complexity. Some of our services include:

    • Cooling Systems

      We are a well-respected provider of cooling systems, while we serve both commercial and residential clients.

    • Photovoltaic

      We provide reliable photovoltaic systems to cover your needs, suitable for domestic and large industrial use.

    • Solar Pumps

      We supply independent solar powered pumping systems, designed to meet your exact requirements.

    • Solar Thermal

      We offer an extensive range of quality solar thermal systems. Solar energy is carbon neutral, free of charge and available to a practically unlimited extend in Cyprus.


  • "Some of my 19 panels are facing East, some South and some West, with the pitch of the roof most of the panels are in direct sunlight till late afternoon , we have produced a 170.88 Kwh for this month. I'm very pleased with the system from Green Air; I've used them for maintenance call outs on our Solar Pump and usually are out the same day."

  • "I used Green Air who do tend to answer the phone. I first got my Swimming Pool Solar Pump off them, then my Net Metering and just got eight new LG AC Units for a good price. I like the way they operate, are there when they say they will be and easily contactable. Their shop is opposite the Bank of Cyprus on the way down to the Mall from the old town."

  • "I am having net metering installed next week. I am using "Green Air" from Paphos. There are cheaper systems, but in my opinion after doing some research, this is one of the best."

  • "I recently bought eight LG units from Green Air. They offered the most competitive package against the other named companies and their after sales service is excellent."

  • "I have spoken to GreenAir and indeed, I can get an installation for my property.... thinking of 5KW as my EAC bills average over €2,300 per annum."

  • "We have 16 panels fitted, (Green-Air) just waiting for AIK approval and connection.... To me it's a no brainer, can't get a better return on the capital investment anywhere"

  • "Big Thank you to all the green air team for all your help and support on all projects installed at my house ."


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