sun energy

Harvest More of the Sun’s Energy

Energy from the sun is free, clean, emits no pollutants and creates no waste. Therefore it is a very green energy solution. One advantage of PV solutions is that they can operate not just with direct sunlight but diffused sunlight on cloudy days.

Our PV technology is a year-long energy solution, that is meticulously engineered for long service life, delivering power for many years to come. Furthermore, it has superior generating efficiency, low installation cost per watt and short energy payback time, making it a viable source of mainstream power.

photovoltaic parks

High-tech Solar Arrays

We’re experts when it comes to PV park construction and we strive to minimize as much as possible the environmental impact and reduce significantly the extent of civil works.

We offer a variety of high-tech solar array arrangements, from fixed arrays to sensor-controlled tracking systems from DEGERenergie GmbH & Co. KG

Our systems are TÜV-tested and undergo the most grueling stress tests of the Stuttgart Materials Testing Institute (MAP).


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