gree air conditioner cyprus - A Thorough Review About Gree Air Conditioners in Cyprus

A Thorough Review About Gree Air Conditioners in Cyprus

It’s no coincidence that Gree Electric is one of the most successful companies when it comes to air conditioning. It’s been around for about 20 years and ever since it has set itself as an innovative and eco-friendly company. In this article, we talk about Gree’s air conditioners, innovation and what really sets this company apart from the competition. Since the summer months are typically too hot in Cyprus, it’s wise to examine different air conditioner options; you’ll need to install air conditioners in your space to help you get through the summer.

What you should know about the quality of Gree Air Conditioners?

Gree Electric is a Chinese company that was established in 1991. The fact that it took them only 5 years to get listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange speaks volumes about their rapid growth. In the beginning, Gree was only focusing on manufacturing air conditioners for households. But, throughout time, it has evolved into a company that produces air conditioners for not only residential projects but also commercial (and even the most complex ones). Gree Electric now exports their products to more than 160 countries (including Cyprus) and has over 90,000 employees around 15,000 researchers and more than 30,000 technical staff.

Who is Gree made by?

Did you know that Gree electric is the largest air conditioner manufacturer in the world?

They produce, in total, 29 million air conditioners a year: around 27 million of them for residential purposes and roughly 2 million for commercial. They are able to produce such huge numbers as they have 8 different production bases in 4 different countries:

  • China
  • Brazil 
  • Pakistan 
  • Vietnam

They leave nothing to chance by manufacturing all key parts themselves to keep the production standards high and achieve consistency.

Wifi-ready Air conditioners

Gree is an innovative company aiming to simplify their customer’s life. They’ve come up with cutting-edge technology (available in BORA air conditioner range), so you can control your units from almost everywhere by using an internet connection and with a click of a button. This way you can set the temperature when you’re about to finish work and on your way home. It’s a key feature for anyone who lives in Cyprus (and prefers air conditioners to air coolers) and has already experienced the hot summer months.

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Gree’s Cooling capacity

One of the most important features of an air conditioner is its cooling capacity.

This is typically measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit) and its unit that is used to measure energy. You’ve probably seen air conditioners that have 9,000 or 12,000 BTUs. As you might have guessed the larger the number of BTUs in an air conditioner, the more powerful the product is, meaning that it can cool down or warm up a room more efficiently.

But having air conditioner units with a large number of BTUs it’s not always ideal. 

For example, if your space is only small and you have a too-powerful air conditioner unit in there it’s going to consume a huge amount of energy and you might end up paying a significantly higher energy bill. You would have avoided this if you just have gone for a unit that suits the sqm of your space.

In other words, it’s great to opt for a brand that offers units with various BTUs that serve different spaces. Gree has an array of air conditioners suitable for different spaces from 14 to 213 m2 and the BTU is between 9,000 and 42,000. It’s worth mentioning that this is one of the most extensive ranges of units you’ll find on the market.

Gree’s Efficiency

Another metric to rate the efficiency of an air conditioner is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

You can calculate the SEER of your air conditioner by dividing the output (cooling or heating) by the energy it consumed to reach the desired temperature. 

Normally, the higher the SEER of a unit the better. In other words, a unit with a high SEER can cool down or heat a space by consuming the least possible energy. Based on the standards of the Department of Energy all kinds of air conditioners must be manufactured with at least 13 SEER to avoid over-consumption of energy. 

To put things in perspective, Gree’s SEER rating is between 21 and 38. This means that it can save you money on your energy bills. In fact, a unit with a 22 SEER rating can save you about 40% on your bills compared to an air conditioner with a 13 SEER rating

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Bora Inverter R32

In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, Gree has embedded the innovative refrigerant R32 into their air conditioner products; this new technology doesn’t deplete the ozone layer. 

Plus, the R32 refrigerant makes air conditioners more energy-efficient. 

Let’s have a look at the features and dimensions of the Gree products with the Bora Inverter R32.


  • Cold Plasma Ioniser: Cleans the air by neutralising airborne particles
  • Simple to clean: The external filter’s design allows you to clean the filter without having to open the indoor unit
  • Double blinds: Specialised design inside the fan allows for simple air management
  • Cold air prevention: The indoor fan is turned on only if the indoor unit is heated to stop the formation of cold currents in the room during heating operation
  • Timer mode for scheduling: It’s attached, so you can set the temperature you want for a specific time on a day
  • Active Carbon filters: They ensure a healthy environment by cleaning and sterilising the air in the room
  • Intelligent defrosting: The unit recognises when it needs to begin the defrosting process


  • Outdoor unit (HxWxD): 55×73.2×33 cm
  • Indoor unit (HxWxD): 26×77.9×18.5 cm
  • Weight of Outdoor Unit: 25 kg
  • Weight of the indoor unit: 8 kg

Is Gree better than Daikin?

Daikin is a Japanese company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC products while Gree is a Chinese company that is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners in China as well as the world’s largest HVAC supplier and exporter.

Both companies are headquartered in East Asia, which contains 3 of the top 5 countries with the highest percentages of air-conditioned homes. 

While both are high-quality manufacturers, the best option for your home or office is determined by the features you look for in an air conditioning unit.