lg air conditioner cyprus - What Sets LG Air Conditioners in Cyprus Apart From Others

What Sets LG Air Conditioners in Cyprus Apart From Others

Are you aware of all the benefits of LG air conditioners in Cyprus? Considering the scorching summer in Cyprus having air conditioning units installed in your house are essential, and it’s wise to install your units before the summer. LG have been some of the most popular air conditioners for quite some time. In this article, we go over the unique features that you can find in LG air conditioners and offer an objective review.

What you should know about the LG company

LG Electronics was established in 1958, and ever since they have become one of the market leaders in electronics. One of the aspects that have made LG stand out from the crowd is its commitment to customer service, innovation and manufacturing of energy-efficient products.

They manufacture and supply a variety of air conditions including multi split, multi V air, residential and even systems for spacious offices as well as warehouses.

Their headquarters are in South Korea and they focus on 4 different electronic categories:

  • Home entertainment 
  • Mobile communications 
  • Home appliances & air solutions 
  • Vehicle parts

It’s also worth mentioning that LG is the second largest TV manufacturer in the world. 

Some of LG unique air conditioner features

LG offers a wide variety of ducted and split system air conditioners, with the ability to multi split to cool up to nine rooms with just one outdoor unit. The maximum cooling capacity of most LG air conditioners is 9.5kW for reverse cycle split systems and 20kW for ducted systems. 

Let’s go over some of the unique features of LG air conditioners.

LG split system air conditioners review

One of the most distinct LG air conditioner features is the split system which helps you maintain your desired temperature in your space. 

Unlike other air conditioners, LG units with a split system can keep the same temperature without any fluctuations. They also enable you to track your energy usage, improve energy efficiency and save on electricity bills by using the air conditioner’s panel.

Plus, the majority of the LG split system has an embedded WiFi system to change the temperature from your smartphone by using the LG ThinQ application.

LG split systems units come in different versions that are suitable for various spaces.

A capacity of 2.5kW is sufficient for a bedroom or study, while 8-9kW is sufficient for a living room or even a small apartment.

lg multi split system air conditioners review - What Sets LG Air Conditioners in Cyprus Apart From Others

LG Multi-Split system air conditioners review

LG Multi-Split system units are second to none for both warming up and cooling down your house or office. They can in a variety of builds including ceiling cassette units, standard wall-mounted or ceiling-concealed ducted ones; pick the one that fits your space best.  

If you install one unit in every room of your house, you’ll still need just one outdoor compressor and this way it works in an efficient way. 

One more distinct feature that makes LG Multi-Split system units so attractive is the Night Quiet mode you can set to reduce the noise the unit makes at night to its minimum. 

LG ducted air conditioners review

LG’s ducted air conditioning system lineup is concise and offers the same impressive features. These ducted systems include everything you could possibly need, including LG’s inverter technology, smart controls, and external static pressure controls (to control fan speed and air volume).

The capacity ranges between 6kW – 20 kW which is good enough even for large houses.

LG’s ducted systems also have Wi-Fi control capability, allowing you to adjust the temperature and fan power from anywhere in the house using your smartphone. While you won’t be able to simply install a new ducted system in your home, LG is a solid option with many options if you’re building a new home with ducted air conditioning.

4 most common problems with lg ac - What Sets LG Air Conditioners in Cyprus Apart From Others

4 most common problems with LG AC?

Let’s go over 4 common problems you might face with an LG air conditioner.

1. The fan isn’t working 

This is one of the most common problems you might run into with an LG air conditioner. If the unit is working but the fan isn’t it means you have to replace it. It’s vital to go ahead and replace it immediately as it causes malfunctioning to your AC unit; the air conditioner is forced to work harder and keep your space cool, meaning it might break down completely.

2. The unit is dripping water

This is another common issue; most of the time it has to do with poor installation. As a result, the air conditioner is titling inwards (it should be titling outwards) and it’s dripping water in your space. It’s wise to have your unit reinstalled by an expert this time. 

We, at Green Air, can help you reinstall your unit the right way. Reach out today to get a free quote.

3. Portable air conditioners are low-performance

Portable air conditioners are handy as you can move from one room to another. But typically, they aren’t as powerful as the LG split ones. Considering that the summer in Cyprus lasts long and the temperature can go up to 40°C, it’s wise to opt for a unit that will keep your house or office cool to enjoy pleasant temperatures even on the hottest day of the year. 

4. The air conditioner can’t power on

Normally, this issue is related to electricity rather than the unit itself. Hire an expert to have a look at the electricity power supply and test it and fix it. If the problem persists, it means that you probably have a failed capacitor causing malfunctioning. Ask our technicians for the best prices on air conditioning repairs and have your unit properly repaired.